3 Key Challenges to ‘Open’ Airline Messaging

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We’re often asked: “What makes AvFinity unique among aviation messaging companies?

We think three qualities stand out that make us stand out in an industry that has long been offered limited choices.

  1. We simplify things: Our communications experts have spent years deconstructing the aviation messaging system in order to better understand its legacy roots and how it functions through today’s cutting edge technologies. As a result of those efforts, we have developed software technology that enables each airline to control its own communications.
  2. We transfer knowledge: After deconstructing the legacy messaging system, our communications experts transfer all the know-how on dealing with legacy architectures, disparate systems, multiple protocols and vast arrays of formats into a single box. We call it the AvFinity Integrated Router Solution (AIRS™) and it is a powerful Cisco manufactured router that plugs into a system and goes to work immediately. Its optimal environment is when it communicates between disparate systems. But it handles communications between similar systems with ease.
  3. We promote collaboration: Our airline clients are anxious to share their new ideas about how to use AIRS with subsidiaries, code-share partners, GDSs, government agencies and much more. We encourage and assist that collaboration. And we’re proud to say that our clients have developed many really unique concepts like SMS alerts for APIS that were just on wish lists a few years ago.