Direct Connect Benefits

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AvFinity is privileged to win recognition as the first aviation communication provider in the world authorized to connect to U.S. Customs and Border Protection for both commercial and private Advance Passenger Information Services (APIS) using a direct connection via IBM WebSphere MQ.

If you’re in aviation IT, you understand the value of connecting WebSphere MQ. This middleware ensures non-repudiation of the transmitted data meaning your message always arrives. That’s important to aviation since an international flight cannot leave the ground unless the APIS manifest has been received and acknowledged by CBP. In other words, assured delivery means less valuable time on the ground or fewer fines simply because the manifest got lost in e-mail.

AvFinity makes it easy to utilize WebSphere MQ for your messaging including APIS. We offer it as both a server and a client at your option through the AvFinity Integrated Router Solution (AIRS). Once you use AIRS’ APIS Navigator to file manifests via the WebSphere MQ direct connection you also benefit from:

• Encryption of the sensitive manifest data
• End-to-end security between your airline or corporate flight department and CBP
• Use of a network with a better than 99.999% uptime
• Access to TSA’s Secure Flight program through the same APIS datastream

AvFinity’s experts have developed the most efficient system for filing APIS yet seen by aviation. You can read about it in our recent news release.