About AvFinity

For much of the last decade, the air transport industry has turned to AvFinity for data communications, system monitoring, system integrity and integration into back-end systems.

The key to AvFinity’s rapid ascent as a global data communications solution has been its Open Network approach to aviation communications. Equally important, has been AvFinity’s ability to embed AvFinity patented software technology into its AEON® Service Platform™ and its multiple versions in order to simplify the Open Network concept for its users.

In basic terms, the AEON® versions power patented software technology to route, manage, analyze, parse, aggregate, format and transmit massive quantities of data between both similar and disparate IT systems. The AEON®Platform versions include:

  • AEON® VM™
  • AEON® Cloud™
  • AEON® Service Platform™

At AvFinity LLC, this same dedication to finding better solutions is why we take each of our customer’s communications needs seriously. From moving airline communications to the Cloud to systems integration and optimizing your communications infrastructure, our team of specialists understands the whys and hows of aviation IT. Our technical knowledge spans telex and Type B legacy communications to NextGen’s CMHP and XML and everything in between. Our decades of aviation industry experience, allow us to provide seamless aviation messaging that flows successfully between airlines and its partners in flight every time.

AvFinity Differentiators

  • Innovative, Powerful Software. The aviation industry is challenged by the need to communicate among multiple partners, each of whom operates with varying levels of technology investment and expertise. Most aviation service providers have attempted to solve this challenge by patching and amending legacy applications over many years, resulting in unstable and unreliable systems. AvFinity has addressed this issue by developing software specifically for the needs of industries like aviation, with tightly written code that communicates with any protocol and converts data to and from any format.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology. AEON® comes in multiple versions:
    • AEON® VM™ is a stand-alone software platform residing in your data center. Also available embedded in a Cisco ISR as AEON® AIRS™.
    • AEON® Cloud™ functions as a platform as a service that resides in the state-of-the-art AvFinity data center and operates as an outsourced service.
    • AEON® Service Platform™ serves as a library to add functionality to your applications.
  • Vendor Consolidation. Numerous IT vendor relationships lead to complex IT infrastructures and processes and staggering, unnecessary expense. With the AEON®Platform, AvFinity promotes vendor consolidation by eliminating extraneous direct connections, third-party providers and the need for overlay appliances along with accompanying maintenance and support.
  • Knowledge Transfer. Let’s face it – by definition legacy systems are old. And IT personnel who managed once-flourishing aviation technology, like the Type B format, are mostly retired. Today’s IT technicians were trained in an IP environment but must regularly communicate with partners who use legacy technology. AvFinity provides all the knowledge an IT department needs ithrough its AEON®Platform. AvFinity’s team is available 24/7/365 to provide knowledgeable solutions for all communication protocols and formats.