The brainchild of aviation industry veteran Steve D. Perkins, AvFinity® was launched in 2006 to provide data communications solutions for airlines and aviation companies. AvFinity began as a “software as a service” network, allowing airlines and general aviation service companies to reduce legacy technology commitments with TCP/IP solutions powered by AvFinity’s patented software technology.

In 2009, AvFinity engineers ported AvFinity’s software technology and connectivity capabilities to a Cisco blade server operating on a Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR). This unique appliance provided airlines with a plug-and-play appliance that connected them via the AvFinity network to vital government authorities and other partners for sending and receiving flight-critical messages and other data. Largely because of this appliance, called AIRS®, AvFinity software technology currently serves more than 60% of North American (Canada, United States, Mexico and the Caribbean) regional airlines.

In 2012, with the growth of Cloud computing, AvFinity added connectivity to the appliance to allow airlines to directly connect themselves to vital government authorities and other partners. This innovation, called AEON®, significantly reduces the cost and complications involved with legacy service providers. Airlines and aviation companies choose from three powerful AEON® versions:

  • AEON® VM™is a stand-alone software platform residing in your data center. Also available embedded in a Cisco ISR as AEON® AIRS™.
  • AEON® Cloud™ functions as a platform as a service that resides in the state-of-the-art AvFinity data center and operates as an outsourced service.
  • AEON® Service Platform™ serves as a library to add functionality to your applications.

More innovations are coming from AvFinity in this era of Cloud Computing and NextGen requirements. Remember: AvFinity’s goal is to put airlines in control of their messaging and data communications.