Aviation-focused companies spend time and expense building the front-end system to enhance or create communications. And with today’s technologies including TCP/IP, that makes sense.

But when it comes to the back-end, that’s a different story. The jungle of complex, aging and disparate communications systems, multiple data formats and diverse communications protocols makes successful connections into back-end systems difficult.

Prior to AvFinity’s solutions, the only option was to build the integration link in-house or to utilize a costly analog legacy provider. Both solutions involve significant costs that can make development projects run far over budget, take years longer than forecast, make the project too costly to commercialize, or force it to eventually get dropped after significant initial investment.

The AEON® Service Platform™ changes all that. AEON® was created to link heterogeneous communications systems, integrate data into any back-end infrastructure, while managing, routing, converting and manipulating data regardless of format or protocol.

The Platform includes a license to the AvFinity patented software technology and its library of code to enable communications into the back-end. Companies that need to build a new communications system can now look forward to staying in budget and enjoying the projected IRR.

The AEON® Service Platform™ package provides:

  • AvFinity’s patented software technology license (renewable annually)
  • Professional Services
  • Annual Maintenance