Aeroméxico Connect Joins AIRS’ Growing Network

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AIRS™ – the AvFinity Integrated Router Solution™ – now provides flight-critical messaging for Aeroméxico Connect, a subsidiary of Aeroméxico.

Aeroméxico Connect uses AIRS™ for formatting and filing its crew manifests for APIS to USCBP. AIRS™ also helps the airline file flight plans with SENEAM – the Mexican government agency that manages its air space.

Aeroméxico Connect’s AIRS™ connection to SENEAM uses TCP/IP and the FAA’s proprietary Common Message Handling Protocol (CMHP) to connect to the FAA’s NADIN II AFTN gateway. With AIRS™, Aeroméxico Connect now has state-of-the-art technology for 21st century aviation.

AvFinity and AIRS™ now provide the following benefits to Aeroméxico Connect and more than half of North America’s regional carriers:

  • Improved messaging and data routing
  • Quick reformatting for increased system inter-connectivity
  • Connectivity to government border and flight authorities
  • Control over their data interfaces
  • Multiple additional flight-critical services
  • And much more

These benefits have fueled AvFinity’s AIRS™ product to phenomenal growth since it entered the market less than 24 months ago.

If you’re involved in aviation IT, it’s time you visit the AvFinity website at to request your web conference on how AIRS™ can revolutionize your aviation communications.