AIRS Helps Airlines Cope with NADIN II Changes

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AvFinity offers a unique, proven solution to scheduled air carriers responding to last year’s FAA communications decision to decommission its internal NADIN X.25 Packet Switched Network (PSN) during 2011 and transition U.S. users to a private Internet Protocol (IP) network.

The AvFinity Integrated Router Solution (AIRS) provides connectivity software that permits scheduled air carriers to make the transition in hours with minimal impact to budget and operations.

For airlines without their own connection to the FAA, AvFinity also provides FlightPlan Direct™ as a reliable and efficient way to submit ICAO flight plans. FlightPlan Direct™ heightens filing efficiency through AvFinity’s direct connection to FAA’s NADIN II, which interfaces with the Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network (AFTN). This connection permits FlightPlan Direct™ users to file directly with ATC agencies like the FAA, NAV CANADA as well as all other government flight authorities. AIRS, AvFinity’s platinum product offering, offers reliable, secure, and cost-effective machine-to-machine connectivity and is well-suited for high volume filings. Integration into the backend flight plan dispatch system is easy with the patent-pending scripting technology built into AIRS.

AvFinity’s web interface serves as a backup solution in a DR situation, as one recent customer discovered after a hardware failure temporarily prevented machine-to-machine filings. Backed up banks of aircraft were avoided because this tool was available.