AvFinity now offers NADIN CONNECT AIRS™, the quickest way to connect to the FAA for NADIN and WMSCR

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AvFinity now offers NADIN CONNECT AIRS™, the quickest way to connect to the FAA for NADIN & WMSCR.

The FAA is currently upgrading NADIN and WMSCR as part of its roll out of the NextGen Program, an ambitious initiative designed to transform the entire U.S. National Airspace System (NAS). Soon, both of these subsystems will ONLY be accessible via the FAA’s new interface, Common Message Handling Protocol (CMHP).

All new flight plan filing connections into the FAA’s National Airspace Data Interchange Networks (NADIN) must use CMHP over TCP/IP as the transport protocol. NADIN interfaces with the global Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network (AFTN) to access aviation entities and manage global flight plans as well as a multitude of other flight critical messaging including slot requests, catering requests, overfly permits, etc.

NextGen also makes real-time weather data more accessible to decision makers via its new CMHP interface. This new weather stream offers real-time, forecasts and timely changes in weather prediction data. Additionally, the FAA’s Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) is now available through the Weather Message Switching Center Replacement (WMSCR) which takes advantage of CMHP streaming capabilities.

Leveraging over a century of aviation data communications expertise, AvFinity offers NADIN CONNECT AIRS™ to airlines as a plug-and- play network appliance. Airlines will realize multiple benefits through more rapid access to NextGen applications by using AvFinity’s NADIN CONNECT AIRS™:

  • Compress the connection time via CMHP to NADIN/AFTN and WMSCR. NADIN CONNECT AIRS™ means airlines drop costly, inefficient, legacy X.25 technology and embrace the speed and simplicity of a TCP/IP connection.
  • Option to use CMHP as an AvFinity managed service. The AvFinity Cloud will manage alerts to ensure key personnel receive flight-critical information via a web interface, email and/or mobile phone.
  • Acquire experts for remaining tests. AvFinity’s engineers, with experience in all FAA CMHP testing phases, can help airlines through the necessary trials in order to get certified to connect via CMHP. This feature again compresses time for effective use of NextGen.
  • Save time and eliminate development costs. Researching the FAA’s library followed by writing an internal API to connect via CMHP will take two to three years (not including testing). AvFinity’s NADIN CONNECT AIRS™ is available today.
  • Keep familiar processes. The NADIN CONNECT AIRS™ integrates into an airline’s backend to replace existing connectivity. This feature allows your systems to maintain the same flight plan and weather user interface and procedures.

Click on the links to read about the new NADIN CONNECT AIRS™ Please contact us on how our NADIN CONNECT AIRS™ can help you make CMHP connectivity to NADIN and the FAA using TCP/IP.

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