• We asked AvFinity to provide an IP solution to eliminate legacy infrastructure that would not require any application changes on our side.  And we got exactly what we asked for.  Everything remained exactly what it was with the exception that our legacy issue was updated and resolved.”–Steve Fleming, Project Engineer, Communications Performance, Travelport

Every flight relies on successful communication between older technology systems and the most advanced technology. Disconnects, where data are not sent or received because of communication problems, lead to costly scenarios such as substantial opportunity costs of delayed or cancelled departures or the direct cost of government fines because of failure to comply with required regulatory filings.

At AvFinity, we understand that you need flexible messaging solutions and products that will meet your needs now, and, as they grow and evolve. As such, AvFinity offers both the aviation technology expertise you need with the flexible services and products that address your changing requirements. You can use any or all of AvFinity’s messaging services with either AIRS™ or ASMS™; AIRS™ is required with AIRS Fuel and AeroPASS.