The AEON® Platform

Innovation for the Big Data Era

What It Is

Airlines are under increasing pressure to improve the customer experience while reducing aviation IT costs and sustaining company growth. AvFinity’s AEON® Service Platform™ assists with managing aviation communications systems and facilitates communication between like and disparate systems—simplifying your connectivity and helping you retain your competitive edge.

AEON® provides Big Data integration into back-end office systems, manages message routing, message transformation and message repudiation of all aviation message traffic, including Type B, Flight Plans, Advanced Passenger Information (API/APIS), AFTN, NOTAMs, CDMs, and textual weather.

The unique aspect of AEON® software technology is its capacity to monitor the quality and integrity of the data and infrastructure. This results in multiple benefits enabling airlines and aviation companies to focus on core business processes rather than costly IT issues.

What it does

The data experts at AvFinity, whose software technology serves more than half of North America’s regional airlines, created AEON® to route, manage, analyze, parse, aggregate, format and transmit massive quantities of automated messages. Whether your airline communicates with a similar system or with legacy technology, AEON® functions seamlessly between both like and disparate IT systems.
Here’s what you can expect from AEON®:

  • Simplified legacy messaging to ensure a reliable, secure and guaranteed delivery system
  • Management of secure real-time message flow and routing with inline protocol translation and formatting
  • Integration with back-end systems and messaging handling applications
  • Seamless functionality in the airline’s infrastructure with no need to modify existing systems

In addition, AEON® facilitates and manages connections to government agencies, including the FAA, USCBP, CBSA and NAV CANADA. AvFinity guides the airline through the connection process to these agencies, assisting with securing needed MOUs and coaching the airline through mandatory testing. Once connected, airlines file flight plans and APIS directly without needing a third-party provider.

AEON® Service Platform™ Models

AEON® Service Platform™ as a Service residing in the state-of-the-art AvFinity data center and operated as an outsourced service.

A stand-alone software platform residing in your data center. Also available embedded in a Cisco integrated services router as AEON® AIRS®.

The AEON® Service Platform™ as a library to add functionality to your applications.


Please feel free to download the AEON® Datasheet and AEON® Service Platform™ documents for more information.