AvFinity offers a number of services for use with AEON® products in addition to it’s Advanced Passenger Information (APIS) and Flight Plan/AFTN solutions. Airlines often seek out these AvFinity services on a one-off basis— for instance, needing a primary connection to file APIS with CBSA for a new route into Quebec. The individual services also provide backup for airlines that have their own direct connections or as a primary connection when direct connections are not desired. This option suits airlines with limited IT staff or resources needed to manage internal equipment or connections. AvFinity does all the heavy lifting for them.

AvFinity’s add-on services include:

  • NOTAM Express™: NOTAM feeds through the FAA and NAV CANADA that provide world-wide NOTAM coverage.
  • Weather Sign™: Weather feeds from the FAA including the Aeronautical Information Data Access Portal (AIDAP) replacement for the legacy FAA604 weather data circuit.
  • CDM Express™: Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) access to the Traffic Flow Management Production Center (TPC).
  • Passenger Service Solutions: GDS and Passenger Service Systems Connections including HP Shares.
  • Faxing and Telexing capabilities.
  • TYPE B Messaging.

NOTAM Express™

At AvFinity, we know that becoming more efficient and simplifying processes are important to you. One of the ways we help you achieve these cost-saving results is to provide solutions to update your company’s legacy software for receiving NOTAM feeds, which incorporate the efficiencies of TCP/IP and flat fee pricing.

Customers using AvFinity software technology to receive feeds benefit from receiving:

  • The U.S. NOTAM Center for U.S. NOTAMs
  • NAV CANADA for Canadian NOTAMs

The NOTAM feed can be internalized for cataloging by the airline company’s software. The result is a high-efficiency NOTAM system utilizing TCP/IP, which replaces costly legacy network technology that incur monthly character costs.

Weekend pilots can also utilize AvFinity’s NOTAM Express through a web interface on the AvFinity web site. Individual users must set up an AvFinity account to use the service.


AvFinity offers cost-effective options for airlines, corporate flight departments and individual pilots that require weather information necessary for generating and filing flight plans. We maintain a direct connection into the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for feeds of the Aeronautical Information Data Access Portal (AIDAP) replacement for the legacy FAA 604 weather data circuit.
As with all AvFInity services, aviation companies have many technology alternatives for accessing these feeds in either XML or FAA 604 format.

Airlines and flight departments can choose any of multiple options to access this information for generating and filing flight plans:

  • The AvFinity Integrated Services Router™ (AIRS®) provides AvFinity’s patent-pending connectivity software technology on a Cisco Integrated Services Router. AIRS® is a plug-and-play appliance that offers seamless access to weather and NOTAM feeds.
  • The AvFinity Web Services provide machine-to-machine access to the AvFinity Secure Messaging Suite (ASMS™) using the traditional AvFinity network. The Web Services option (using AvFinity’s SOAP interface and XML) provides easy access to weather without added investment in technology or development time.
  • The AvFinity Socket Application Interface facilitates weather and NOTAM feeds with or without a virtual private network (VPN). A network socket efficiently provides aviation companies with high volume data needs and high levels of security through the VPN.
  • The AvFinity Web Site (www.avfinity.com) serves as a handy, low-cost tool for private pilots who are infrequent users of weather. By simply setting up an AvFinity account, individual users can gain access to METAR and TAF weather information.
  • Users may access information from the AIDAP replacement for the FAA604 weather data circuit in either XML or legacy format. This is an important option for aviation companies that are not equipped to receive XML weather data and do not wish to incur new technology or development costs.

WeatherSign™ can easily be bundled with the AvFinity NOTAM Express™ or any other service. This provides a cost-effective means of gathering all information necessary for flight plan filing from a single, efficient source.

CDM Express™

CDM Express™ gives airlines access to the air traffic as reported to the Traffic Flow Management Production Center (TPC). CDM messages help an airline be more efficient both in the air and on the ground, as the data are used by both other airlines and airports to handle air and ground traffic. This collaboration between airlines and airports to track commercial aviation is why the messages are named Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) messages.

Passenger Service Solution and Partner Connections

Flight only becomes possible when an airline successfully communicates vital data. For decades, airlines had to use legacy providers and their closed proprietary networks to exchange information. With the arrival of TCP/IP, technology opened up new ways to exchange data ranging from email to direct connections.

The dilemma is how to embrace modern technology knowing that data may be from a legacy network using older formats and protocols. AvFinity solves that problem with its software technology that routes, manages and converts messages from legacy systems. And it delivers the data to partner airlines or to Passenger Service Solutions such as HP Shares without needing to go through a legacy third-party network.

Through direct connections to GDSes and companies like HP Shares, AvFinity increases the efficiency of data flow to these vital agencies. And with AvFinity’s EZ Customization scripting engine, changes in format (from Type B to XML) or destination (from queue to printer) can be done on the fly.