Through the use of the Cloud and secure technologies such as VPNs and MQ, the aviation industry can eliminate expensive legacy communication infrastructures in favor of flexible, versatile and cost-efficient innovations.

AEON® is a single, Cloud-enabled, computing-compatible solution that simplifies the complex, multi-protocol, costly world of aviation data communications and its compulsory multiple connections. In the Cloud, AEON® supports the changing environment of aviation-related messages and data management including the legacy processes on which aviation relies.

Initially, AEON® offers all the inherent features of the AvFinity platform. Those include:

  • Interconnecting like and disparate communication systems
  • Integrating into back-end office systems
  • Message transformation, conversion and manipulation
  • Connections to government border and flight authorities, airline partners and vendors

The Cloud provides airlines and aviation companies significant long-term benefits as well. These include:

  • Using internally generated data for real-time analytics and in-depth business intelligence. Cloud technologies enable real-time analysis when needed—including traffic and other operational decisions that can be made much more rapidly when flight conditions data can be interpreted in real time.
  • Eliminating CapEx investments and removing hardware. Combine those investment benefits with daily lower per unit costs, economies of scale and simpler operations management, and the business side of the Cloud option makes perfect sense.
  • A secure communications environment. With AEON® Cloud™, airlines never lose control of their data, never have data transferred over open lines, and never have sensitive information accessed by unauthorized users. Its encryption technology satisfies applicable security and privacy requirements.