AvFinity’s OPEN Communications Hub

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The aviation industry must control costs in all areas. Unfortunately, most cost-cutting solutions take years to realize savings (e.g., introducing online bookings to phase out paper tickets or modernizing baggage and freight handling). The OPEN Communication Hub is unique among cost-controlling solutions in that it immediately can simplify the airline business with significant savings while imparting efficiency and messaging control from the time of installation.

AIRS is the key to rapid implementation for the OPEN Communication Hub. AIRS handles all flight-critical data regardless of format, communications protocol or transport medium. AIRS’ unique ability to link legacy and more modern IT architectures permits all airlines—including those with unsophisticated IT systems—to communicate immediately with all other airlines, government authorities and other required entities.

AIRS revolutionizes messaging in ways that the aviation industry has never before considered. It brings communications management, simplification, knowledge transfer and collaborative capabilities to the control of airlines for the first time in the history of aviation. In this way, AIRS redefines airline communications.