Aviation SMS Alert Feature Jumps from Wish to Reality Because of AIRS

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At AvFinity, we understand the value our customers derive from integration of aviation communications across multiple platforms. We built AIRS—the AvFinity Integrated Router Solution—specifically to create that value whenever the need arises. And although nothing can manage all unanticipated events, AIRS has a better chance of succeeding than anything else on the market.

For example, we recently received an inquiry from one of our airline customers asking if AIRS had monitoring capabilities. What they specifically wanted was to receive SMS alerts whenever the communications link from their Internet Service Provider went down between the AIRS appliance, which resides in the airline’s datacenter, and the AvFinity datacenter, which provides the direct connections to government border and flight authorities.

This airline has already been using AIRS for about a year to file flight plans and crew manifests to the FAA and USCBP, respectively. It has been pleased with AIRS’ reliability and integration capabilities. But after a few too many untimely Internet outages in their area, the airline’s operations and IT personnel wanted to monitor whenever their ISP dropped the link and delayed AIRS’ timely delivery of their flight plans and crew manifests.

During their year with AIRS, the IT manager became familiar with the versatility of this unique messaging appliance. He asked if AIRS offered a solution. After minimal configuration of the airline’s AIRS appliance and AvFinity’s alerting system, his airline was receiving custom test alerts across five smartphones within an hour. The airline liked what they saw, and, shortly thereafter, AvFinity enabled this airline’s customized production alerting system. It was a case of “from wish to reality” in a matter of hours.

If your airline or aviation company has communications items on its wish list, we encourage you to consider AIRS. It not only provides more messaging features for today’s needs than you ever envisioned, it also is easily adapted to future or unanticipated issues.

For more information, we encourage you to visit our website on the AvFinity Integrated Router Solution or to sign up for a Webinar to discuss your airline’s needs and how AvFinity can provide the answer.