Breaking the lock-in of legacy airline messaging

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At a recent IT Summit held in Brussels, Jaan Albrecht, CEO of the STAR Alliance, highlighted one of the aviation industry’s major problems: Type B – a legacy messaging protocol. What became obvious from his message is that airlines need to escape from the lock-in to this type of legacy messaging.

Every day, airlines seek to improve and modernize their communications and messaging systems. The most appropriate way forward is to migrate from legacy proprietary systems and toward adoption of open, standard and more flexible technologies.

AvFinity is the first data communications company in aviation history that puts airlines in control of flight-critical and other communications. Our software technology is proven and unique in the industry as a solution that provides airlines with efficient communications that they control.

Instead of sheltering old messaging protocols, we simplify the communications environment by making airlines specialists of their own messaging using standard IP-based systems architectures.

Instead of legacy lock-ins, we promote continuous knowledge transfer, so our technology serves as a platform to provide open messaging systems.

And instead of encouraging ‘silo’ mentalities among airlines about their communications, we promote collaboration around communities.

After all, that’s what successful airline communication will be about in the future. Why not start today?