Changes on the Fly

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It’s a great month when a customer dealing with a problem can choose between tossing $50,000 to a team of developers to write software or solving it themselves for free.

But who has that choice?

Users of the AvFinity Integrated Router Solution (AIRS) do.

Here’s an example:

A recent AIRS user needed to solve a recurring format issue in their messaging system. Their messaging partner told them it would take $50,000 for developers to write a software alternative. Plus they’d have to wait several weeks.

AvFinity pointed them to the patent-pending scripting engine that comes with AIRS. It solved the issue in just minutes…at no cost. It also ended up saving them untold amounts in prevented fines.

AIRS integrates seamlessly with the client’s back-end system, and its proprietary scripting engine permits messaging conversion and much more to enhance that integration whenever needed. Sure, you have to know JavaScript, but even if you don’t AvFinity can write the script for you at a tiny fraction of any other option.