Don’t Have Your APIS Sender ID?

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AvFinity recently provided timely assistance to a charter jet company that needed to file on the eAPIS website but had not yet received an APIS ID.

This charter operator planned to fly from an airport in Florida to a Caribbean destination and back but didn’t realize it takes 5-8 days for CBP to issue an ID after initial registration. As the charter’s clients were flying in the next morning to immediately take the charter to the Caribbean, the operator needed a fast solution. CBP agents could only advise him to call a vendor. AvFinity is among the handful of authorized vendors listed on CBP’s site.

One after business hours call to AvFinity’s APIS specialists, and the charter company found its solution. AvFinity’s team directed the charter operator to the AvFinity APIS web site page that allows qualified companies and individuals to self-register for an APIS Private Aircraft account.

Within an hour, the charter operator completed his registration by entering contact and billing information; received an auto-generated confirmation email advising him that his APIS Navigator account was operational; and logged into the secure site to enter the required APIS information including aircraft, passenger and crew data on the user-friendly APIS Navigator web pages.

After verifying a test manifest, AvFinity notified the customer that his account was enabled to permit APIS filings to CBP. The charter operator returned to the secure AvFinity Registered User site, logged in, and selected the aircraft, emergency contact, itinerary, crew and passengers for the flight. Within seconds the charter operator had securely met CBP’s APIS requirements for the planned flight into and out of the Caribbean islands. Even better, he was able to meet his obligations to his charter passengers on time and as promised.

Repeat filings became even easier for the charter operator as he can replicate all of his secure, private information for the next trip, cutting down on data entry time and reducing chances of data errors for re-entering info.

Contact AvFinity today if you too would like to enjoy the quick, easy, secure and cost-effective APIS filings for your next international flight.