OPEN Communication Hub Creates Communities

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With the OPEN Communication Hub, AvFinity creates a communications ecosystem using AIRS where all airlines that must message one another can interact with each other and a central hub.

The benefits of this interconnected network among members who share common goals are immense.Here are just a few:

  • Flight-critical communications become more efficient.
  • Communications are controlled by the airline and its members so that the quality of information is assured without the filter of a third-party vendor.
  • Changes, which are a constant in aviation, are performed immediately by AIRS without having to hire a team of developers that will spend six months figuring out a solution.
  • New airline partners become communications-ready with established airline members immediately upon installing AIRS regardless of their IT datacenter expertise.
  • AIRS integrates into back-end systems so that data are accessed without human intervention.
  • AIRS handles all data, regardless of format, and sends and receives them regardless of communications protocol or transport media.