Pinnacle Uses the AvFinity Integrated Router Solution For Efficient APIS Filings of Flight Crew Manifests

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Pinnacle Airlines and its subsidiary Colgan Air recently announced it has selected AIRS as its messaging solution for Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) crew manifest filings. And along the way, Pinnacle also discovered the individual messaging power and freedom that AIRS brings to aviation.

AIRS is the AvFinity Integrated Router Solution. AIRS comprises AvFinity software technology operating on an industry-standard Cisco router.

With AIRS, message transmission is secure and reliable. Airlines and other aviation companies find that AIRS’ multiple interfaces simplify connections into any infrastructure (Websphere MQ, SFTP, SCP, HTTP) so that secure and reliable messaging occurs quickly with no hardware changes or additional development time. AIRS’ high efficiency allows key airline IT personnel time to think of multiple other uses for this unique solution. And that’s just what we’re finding with airline after airline.

Today, in addition to APIS transmissions, Pinnacle also uses AIRS to exchange data with other airlines regarding flight delays, cancellations and substitutions as well as send and receive the aviation flight-phase communications known as OOOI messages. And there are more new uses in the works. AIRS’ built-in flexibility and unique approach to messaging inspires innovative approaches that bring messaging under control of the individual airline.

We at AvFinity welcome any inquiries on solutions that will improve aviation messaging to the benefit of airlines, corporate flight departments and service companies. Contact us with your communications issue and find out how AIRS can help you.