More than half of North America’s regional airlines benefit from AvFinity’s patented software technology. It’s the same technology that has built the AEON® Service Platform™ into one of the most advanced messaging and integration tools available in aviation today.

By using the AvFinity Network, airlines and aviation companies achieve one or more of the following objectives:

  • Connects to various government border/flight authorities through efficient, powerful services that cut costs and save labor. These services include:
    • APIS Navigator™ for airlines with a DCS/RES system who need API connectivity
    • APIS Connect™ for airlines without a DCS/RES system who need API connectivity
    • Flight Plan Direct™ for filing flight plan strips to the FAA
    • AFTN Connect™ for filing flight plan strips and AFTN messaging to non-US governmental flight authorities
  • Connects via HP Shares to major airlines for Passenger Boarding Totals and TTY to United®
  • Provides NOTAMs and textual weather
  • Allows for CDM (Collaborative Decision Making) data to be sent to US government
  • Provides an interconnect gateway for Type B data via connections with legacy messaging providers

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