AvFinity® — helping to future-proof aviation data communications

AvFinity® develops innovative data communication solutions for the air transport industry and is a pioneer in aviation data integration. With connections to major agencies including FAA, US CBP, and CBSA, AvFinity’s product portfolio represents the ideal solution for the era of Big Data in the air transport industry.

AvFinity offers Aviation Employee Vetting (AEV)/Master Personnel List (MPL) Manifest submission services.

APISWatch™ – Helping airlines avoid costly late or missing APIS manifest fines.

The AEON® Service Platform™:

  • Connects airline internal systems to aviation’s global networks
  • Connects heterogeneous systems using AvFinity’s patented message transformation technology to modify messages and formats
  • Tracks every message flowing through AEON®
    • Logs all incoming and outgoing messages with a timestamp
    • Ensures delivery of messages (message nonrepudiation)

AEON® Versions:

  • AEON® End User™ — The AEON® Service Platform™ running on a virtual machine (AEON® VM™).
  • AEON® Cloud™ — AEON® Service Platform™ running in a datacenter managed and hosted by AvFinity.
  • AEON® Service Platform™ — A license to integrate the AEON® Service Platform™ as part of a larger service offering.

  • I’ll take this opportunity to say that I’m very happy so far about your service and especially your responsiveness in fixing problems. Looking forward to keeping working with you guys!Fly BVI - Caribbean Air Charter

  • The AvFinity® platform has allowed us to streamline our APIS submissions for both Canada and the U.S. It’s easy to use and the support has been fantastic. The productivity savings have been worth far more than the cost of the service.David Atkins, Director of Commercial Operations, Flair Airlines

  • AIRS® operates flawlessly; It doesn't hiccup; it doesn't miss a beat. It doesn't do anything but sit there and work.James Redeker, Manager, Flight Dispatch, Canadian North Airlines

Proven Software Technology

AvFinity’s AEON® Service Platform™ gives your company control over its system integration and messaging. Operating as an open communication hub for aviation data communications, AEON® allows you to manage, monitor, and manipulate your data communication, giving you power over how your systems inter-operate both internally and externally.

Part of the Next Generation of Aviation Security

AvFinity® is an authorized APIS pre-departure message provider, and the “safe pair of hands” that can help your airline avoid fines while simplifying your cost structure through our flat-rate monthly pricing. AvFinity’s APIS Connect™ and APIS Navigator™ cover any size of airline. APIS Connect™ is for low-volume and non-scheduled international carriers and business jet operators, whereas APIS Navigator™ is for larger airlines with a dedicated RES/DCS system in place. With our direct, secure, high-speed connections to many different APIS agencies, we allow your airline to focus on customers instead of data communications.